Hessel Harbor

The Department of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Division has agreed to provide grant funding for a preliminary engineering study of improvements, renovations and updates of Hessel Harbor.  The DNR and the Township will split the cost at about 50-50. A Hessel Harbor Committee met in the spring and discussed a variety of ideas and needs for the harbor and marina area, including parking, docking for day visitors and improvements to the marina facility.  The engineering study will help determine the design and costs of improvements and the feasibility of various renovations, updates and improvements. 

Hessel and the Les Cheneaux area along with other ports around the Great Lakes are part of a Michigan Port Collaborative study on the economic impact of Michigan ports.  Understanding that impact will help with the grant proposals, attract new visitors to the area and help us to enhance our service amenities. 

Cedarville Harbor Project

The Cedarville Harbor project is being rebid, with bids due August 30. Previously, two rounds of bids were significantly over our budget. In discussions with the engineers and the State, the project was reduced in scope and five separate bid packages were developed to increase the number of potential contractors and hopefully reduce the overall costs. If the bids are under budget, work can begin this fall. The original completion date is scheduled for July 31, 2019.