You may contact the Treasurer by phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 484-2672.

Contact: Clark Township Treasurer


Lisa Fitzgerald was elected Clark Township Treasurer in 2020. Previously, she served as the Township Deputy Clerk, and Deputy Treasurer. She brings 15 years of banking experience to her role, including teller, loan processor, general ledger accounting, and data entry.

As Treasurer, some of her official duties include:

* responsible for all revenues received by Clark Township from bank and investment accounts, tax collection, and sewer revenue.

* maintains Township receipt records in accordance with the Uniform Chart of Accounts as directed by the State treasurer.

* collaborates with the Recreation Director regarding operations of the Hessel Marina, Cedarville Harbor, and Snows Heritage Park.

* assists residents and property owners with the tax related issues.

* assists with Transfer Station and Recycling Center payments.

* collaborates with Township Board of Trustees to develop the annual Township budget.