A portrait of township Supervisor Mark Clymer

Mark's Pledge:

  • To practice responsible yet responsive government.
  • Advocate for the needs of our community
    at the local, county, regional, and state
  • Work closely with our numerous community-based organizations to develop concensus on those concerns we commonly share.

Mark Clymer

As Clark Township Supervisor, Mark moderates all meetings of the Township Board of Trustees.

Working with other Board members, Mark develops the annual budget, including capital improvement and maintenance projects. He has been instrumental in acquiring State and other grants for several projects such as Cedarville Harbor, Hessel harbor, and improvements to the Aldo Leopold Preserve on Marquette Island.

The Supervisor is the chief assessing officer and oversees the Assessing Department to ensure that assessments on taxable properties are accurate, equitable and comply with the laws of the State of Michigan. Supervisor also is the recording secretary for the Tax Board of Review. 
He is a member of the Recreation Committee, Road Committee, Sewer Advisory Board, the Stakeholders committee, the Aldo Leopold Festival committee, represents the Township at the Great Lakes Islands Alliance,

Mark has oversight responsibilities for the Township Building and Zoning Inspector, and the Albert J. Lindberg airport. He also supervises the Department of Public Works, which includes the Sewer Department.

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Clark Township Supervisor