As Clark Township Clerk, Susie has access to the Michigan Townships Association (MTA), a statewide non-profit professional organization dedicated to providing education, legal advice, and a unified voice for Michigan's township government.

Susie Rutledge

Susie is charged with the safekeeping of Clark Township's correspondence, records, books and papers. She documents all monies disbursed by the township according to the Uniform Chart of Accounts, as prescribed by the state treasurer. Susie also prepares and maintains the journals and ledgers reflecting Clark Township's assets, liabilities, fund equities, revenues and expenditures for each fund.

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As Township Clerk, Susie is responsible for elections and election workers, the Fire & Ambulance hall, and four cemeteries, in addition to all payroll and receiving, and special events applications and reservations for the Community Center. Additionally, Susie maintains meeting minutes, records of township contracts, resolutions, ordinances and other special proceedings and activities


Clark Township Clerk