Supervisor News

From the Supervisor

We are still in serious need of people to serve on our committees: Planning Commission (1), Zoning Board of Appeals (1), and the Fire Department. Please consider joining one of these groups to help our community. Contact me, or Susie if you wish to enlist.

Recreation is a significant contributor to our Township’s economy and placemaking. Snowmobiling, boating, fishing, hiking, golf, skiing, & swimming provide enjoyment and health benefits for our residents and families, seasonal residents and many seasonal visitors. How can we develop, protect, and enhance this asset better to serve those who use it and to add to the entire economic picture of our Township?

Consider serving on the Recreation Committee to add your voice to the planning and development of this vital asset. The committee will work in collaboration with other groups such as Friends of the Trails, Heritage Park, the Chamber of Commerce, Les Cheneaux Community Foundation and various clubs to improve recreational attractions, sites, access, and more. Please contact me if you are willing to join.

Plans for Peek-a-Boo trail development have been given a go ahead from the DNR. That can be a significant attraction to visitors and bike enthusiasts, and a great addition to our many trails. Just in the forming stage, but it will begin to take shape in the months ahead.

This summer will be busy with road construction projects. Hill Island, Island No.8 and Grove Street along with shoulder work and repaving on M134 from the school east to the Chippewa County line will be cause for traffic slowdowns and stoppages. Your patience and cooperation will help us all tolerate the interruptions and delays. Your understanding enabled the Hill Island bridge project to be completed on time and with few problems. Thank you as always for your help.