Supervisor News
On this site, I aim to keep the residents of Clark Township informed of the many projects and their progress in our community. From construction projects to road repairs, enhancements and improvements to our services, partnership with county, state and maritime programs, protection and preservation of our environment and waters,  and improvement of our laws-- I invite you to a conversation about the growth and future of our beautiful home. Please feel free to send me your comments, questions and responses to all we are doing to continue to make Les Cheneaux a truly great place to live.

It has been a busy nine months since becoming the Township Supervisor, filled with challenges, resolving disputes, starting new projects, applying for a variety of state and federal grants and the daily effort to address the many individual concerns of our residents.  The rich history of the many families who have built this unique community helps to make this work rewarding.  And the future looks promising as we work in the Township offices to serve you and continue to build a great place to live.  This summer Clark Township has several projects in the works from harbor improvement plans to road work to bridge work.  And more!  Your comments, suggestions and concerns are always welcome.

Homeland Port Security Grant

The Township recently applied for a federal grant from the Homeland Security department to purchase a CBRNE vessel with a radiation-nuclear pack.  CBRNE stands for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive response vessel which enables the fire department to respond to any potential terrorist-type event in the area.  Port Dolomite is a deep water, international port and along with the Soo Locks are potential targets of security threats, along with the Mackinac Bridge and the Embridge pipe line.  The vessel would also be equipped for fire suppression for our island structures or for any woodland fires reachable from shore.  The Township worked closely with the US Coast Guard, the Mackinac County Emergency Management Department and the Mackinac Island Fire Department t put the grant together.  We may know by the end of the summer if we are awarded the grant.