Policy Changes

Policy Revision – The Snows Heritage Park – Use Policy Amendments:
The required $100.00 cleaning deposit from the “Use Policy” for the Park was removed to encourage more use of the park. The policy will now read as follows:
All general and individual uses of the Snows Heritage Park are on a “first come, first serve basis.” If your use requires any portion of the park to be held or reserved, you will need an approved Special Event Application and you will be required to adhere to the Clark Township Special Event Policy ('99). Special Event Applications are available at Clark Township Offices.

At their June 19, 2010 meeting, the Clark Township Board of Trustees approved a policy
permitting a one-time, 1 year extension of a building permit at one-half the original cost.

New Policy - "After-the-Fact" Fees for Permits
A change in policy regarding Land Use, Land Division, Building, Electrical and Sewer Permit applications will go into effect Monday, October 22, 2007. For proper approvals and tracking of projects, the Township, State and other agencies require that permits to be issued prior to any developmental activities or occupancy.

If it is discovered that projects are begun prior to receiving the proper permits, the regular permit fees will be doubled for work that has already commenced. Work that does not meet approvals or requirements will be denied and remediation will be at the expense of the property owner.

For habitual offenders who have a history of beginning at least two projects prior to obtaining proper permits, the “After-the-Fact” fees will be tripled.